This section is dedicated to sharing our participation in events and organisation of initiatives with academic partners and institutions based in the UK and overseas.

In 2023, we participated in 11 events and organised the Climate, Sustainability and Defence webinar series, partnering with two overseas institutions.

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On January 18th, the Climate Change & (In)Security Project delivered a study day package for 24 Commando Regiment Royal Engineers (24 Cdo Engr Regt) and other units at RMB Chivenor in Devon. The hybrid event, entitled, Climate Security: Operations and Resilience, gathered diverse specialists on the theme. Dr Tamiris Santos was among the panellists and shared some thoughts on the “Operational Considerations for Low-Carbon Warfare”.


NETZMIL Research Associate attends Combined Naval Event 2024 in Farnborough
At the organisers invitation, Dr Tamiris Santos attended the Combined Naval Event run by Navy Leaders, a new branch of Defence Leaders Ltd. The Conference gathered military and civilian practitioners from across the UK and overseas to participate in a series of talks on the Future Surface Fleet, Naval Damage Control, Submarine Technology, Surface Fleet Technology and Underwater Defence & Security, gathering military and civilian practitioners from the UK and from abroad. The event also had a massive exhibition area featuring stands from several foreign and national defence industry stakeholders. The UK MoD was represented by staff from Strategic Command and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, among others. The panels and the networking sessions were insightful, welcoming views on future capabilities, challenges and opportunities brought by technology development, capability generation and platform modernisation in general, gathering a comprehensive overview of the naval scenario.

Dr Duncan Depledge presented research from the NETZMIL project in Helsinki (Finland) as a keynote speaker at a workshop organised by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) on ‘Sustainability Transitions, Geopolitics and Security’. The aim of the workshop was to form a new research agenda at the nexus of sustainability transitions research and security. Participants were drawn from universities and research institutes from seven different countries. The workshop forms part of SYKE’s IDEALE (Interplay between National Defence, Security and Low-Carbon Energy Policies) project led by Professor Paula Kivimaa. The NETZMIL team looks forward to deepening its collaboration with the other participants in the months and years ahead.


Panel presentation at BISA 2024
Dr Duncan Depledge and Dr Tamiris Santos presented their latest findings from the NETZMIL project at the Annual Conference of the British International Studies Association (BISA). Their paper was given as part of a panel on ‘New Technologies and Future War’, chaired by the BISA War Studies Working Group. Their presentation, titled “Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Low-Carbon Warfare in the UK Ministry of Defence”, is seeking to clarify what is being imagined when the MOD makes claims regarding ‘low-carbon warfare’, as well as evaluating the extent to which it is affecting how defence operates.  

Low-Carbon Warfare: Fact or Fantasy? A talk with QinetiQ  
Dr Duncan Depledge and Dr Tamiris Santos were invited by QinetiQ to present on their latest research to an audience of defence industry practitioners. The discussion afterwards usefully shed light on some of the key opportunities and challenges facing defence industry as it seeks to support the MoD’s net zero and sustainability goals, as well as make an energy transition of its own.


NETZMIL researchers attend the EISA Workshops in Istanbul.

From the 03th to the 05th of July, Dr Duncan Depledge and Dr Tamiris Santos were in Istanbul to participate in the 11th European Workshops in International Studies. They have presented and discussed papers on the panels of WS1 – Imagining Future War: New Perspectives on Military Technology in an Era of Great Power Competition, organised by Dr Tom Watts, Dr Daniel Øolgaard and Dr Rubrick Biegon, and attended by a diverse cohort of scholars focused on understanding the future of warfare from a critical perspective.